We Are Happy You Found Us!

We want to help meet your health and wellness goals, but first, we’ll need some important information. To start your care, begin by filling out our new patient form and let’s get moving on this health journey together!

What You Can Expect

We understand that every person who walks into our clinic is different. Each person heals and responds to care differently.  We want people to not only understand our treatment plan but also their own bodies and how they function. We will make sure all of your questions are answered and we’ll set up expectations for how long care should take. 


Getting Started

Your first visit usually lasts about 45 minutes and consists of: 

  1. New patient paperwork—you may fill out before or in office
  2. Discuss any insurance questions you may have 
  3. Personal consultation with one of our doctors
  4. Full chiropractic exam with x-rays if necessary
  5. Care plan discussion and a full report on the results of the exam

When Can I Expect Results

Everyone responds to care differently, but most of our patients begin to see results or are completely resolved within a couple of visits. If, after two weeks you aren’t seeing any improvement, then we will stop and re-examine what is going on with your body and re-evaluate our treatment plan and make any necessary changes. 

Reach out to us TODAY for a consultation! 


Being healthy is our number one asset and it’s our passion to serve the families of South Riding and its surrounding communities.